PAX emergency bag Essen, color daylight bright, material PAX-Plan.

PAX Emergency bag Essen

PAX Emergency bag Essen


The big brother to our First Responder Bag for your advanced basic equipment. Compact, well sealed and with a partition in the main compartment.

Coloursday bright yellow
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PAX Notfalltasche Essen Farbe rot PAX Plan


  • This product is supplied with shoulder straps included in delivery volumeThis product is supplied with shoulder straps included in delivery volume

The bag for your advanced basic equipment. Color daylight bright yellow, Material PAX Plan

If the PAX First Responder Bag is a bit too small for you but you don’t want to carry any oxygen, the Essen Emergency Bag is the next larger option. In structure and concept it matches the First Responder Bag, but we added a few centimetres to the middle. The partition in the main compartment ensures practical separation and additional stabilisation.

Opens and closes well

You can easily accommodate all your advanced basic equipment in the compact Essen Emergency Bag. The bag lid is divided into two parts. One part closes the main compartment with a separate zipper, so nothing slips out. The second, overlapping part is closed with adjustable buckles. At the back there are pockets and loops for quick access to materials. A shoulder strap is included, and the neon yellow plastic handle can’t be missed.

Well organised with a main compartment and two side pockets

The main compartment fits resuscitator bags and accessories. There are appropriate loops for infusions. And since you can always do with a few extra loops, we have covered the lid and back wall of the Essen Emergency Bag with a row of loops each. The removable partition in the main compartment of the bag helps you stow your materials clearly, as well as giving extra stability to the frame. The two flat zippered pockets, each with a row of loops, hold equipment such as venous catheters securely. Bandages or our PAX Ampule XS can be stowed in the side pockets. Two way zips with reflective strips complete the bag.


25,5 cm
48 cm
24 cm
PAX Emergency bag Essen
1.43 lbs
27 l

Made to be special

especially appropriated to use by rapid response groups


Made to be personal

Product for private use


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