PAX First Responder, Material Dura, Farbe blau, Frontansicht.

PAX First Responder

PAX First Responder


This compact emergency bag accommodates the basic equipment for first aid in private and company cars or for the SEG.

Coloursdark blue
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  • PAX emergency bag First Responder, material Dura, color blue, front view.

PAX First Responder Emergency Bag for First Aid


  • This product is supplied with shoulder straps included in delivery volumeThis product is supplied with shoulder straps included in delivery volume

The basic bag, appreciated by new and seasoned users, color blue, material PAX Dura.

Compact, quick to open and close. These qualities are appreciated by new and seasoned users of this bag. The compact emergency bag accommodates the basic equipment for first aid. The main compartment with a separate zipper offers a lid with loops and zipped pockets as well as two outer pockets and two large side pockets. A comfortable handle and a shoulder strap are included to make transport easier.

Clever design for first aid

The main compartment of the First Responder is equipped with a separate zipper that basically bisects the lid of the bag. This keeps the main compartment securely closed when you access the outer pockets, protected by the overlapping lid. The main compartment fits equipment such as resuscitation bags with masks, infusions and accessories. You can securely fasten them with loop rows. Both the lid and the back wall of the bag have flat zippered pockets with 25 mm wide loops rows for venous catheters. You can fit a safety vest in the lid pocket.

Outer and side pockets

The overlapping lid can be opened with the two buckles to access the inside pockets and elastic loops. The outer pockets are big enough to carry enough dressing material. Or you can equip it with the PAX Pro Series-ampoule kit narcotic substances 9.

Our very first PAX Bag

The First Responder was the first bag in the PAX program and has been updated several times since then. At the beginning, we made our classic out of a cohesive piece of fabric. This was to prevent emergency equipment falling out due to a structure weakness. Over time we have developed and modernised our design. And the contents still doesn’t fall out.


25,5 cm
40 cm
22 cm
PAX First Responder
0.75 lbs
19 l

Made to be special

especially appropriated to use by rapid response groups


Made to be personal

Product for private use


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