PAX Oxy Compact L - 2019, Sauerstofftasche in der Größe L, Frontansicht

PAX Oxy Compact L - 2019

PAX Oxy Compact L - 2019


Generous oxygen pocket with one-hand opening for a 2-litre bottle or D-size bottle with accessories and spacious front pocket. 

Coloursdark blue
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  • PAX Oxy Compact L - 2019, oxygen bag in size L, front view
  • PAX Oxy Compact L - 2019, oxygen bag in size L, rear view
  • PAX Oxy Compact L - 2019, oxygen bag in size L, front view opened

PAX Oxy-Compact L oxygen bag for 2-litre bottle PAX


  • This product is supplied with shoulder straps included in delivery volumeThis product is supplied with shoulder straps included in delivery volume
  • Product is fully reinforced and paddedProduct is fully reinforced and padded
  • The shoulder straps can be removed if necessaryThe shoulder straps can be removed if necessary

The direct route to oxygen

With this compact bag you have direct access to the 2-litre oxygen bottle or D-size bottle. In the lid you will find another compartment for a resuscitation bag or a suction pump. The highlight: The double-barrelled zipper has two handles that look different. They open the bottle or lid compartment in the opposite direction. That way you always open the right one right away.

We have provided the bottle compartment with our ergonomic carrying handle. You know him, for example, from the Wasserkuppen series. The accessory compartment can be opened without confusion with a strap loop. The Oxy-Compact L fits well in the hand thanks to the separable handles. The scope of delivery also includes the backpack straps and the shoulder strap.

The oxygen compartment: plenty of space for individual loading

You attach the 2-litre or D-size oxygen bottle with two adjustable straps. We also have additional loops on the bottom of the bag to hold the valve or bottle in place.

Rubber loops and compartments

The lid of the compartment is provided from the inside with a firmly sewn row of rubber loops. The velcro-fastened slide-in pocket with transparent cover also offers you storage space. The same applies to the pages. On one of them there are two rows of rubber loops, in which e.g. Güdel- or Wendeltuben fit. Behind it is a narrow drawer. On the opposite side, you can put oxygen glasses or similar in two large compartments.

The accessory compartment: sometimes closed, sometimes gone

The accessory compartment gives you more room. You can close it completely and store the suction pump, resuscitation bags and masks in it. If you don't want to use the compartment right now, just climb it out of the bag. Then you have direct access to the oxygen compartment. Two inside pockets (in red and blue) are included. They can be used in the accessory or oxygen compartment.

Space miracle front pocket

The large front pocket offers additional space. It can be opened and fully opened on three sides with the double-barrelled zipper. On the side wall it is equipped with a firmly sewn rubber loop rows as well as with two hook band strips. You can attach our transparent inner pockets or our XL modules (e.g. intubation, Art. no. xyzPlaceholder) to the latter. If you do not need the strips at the moment, you cover them with a dirt-protected cover: The matching velcro strips are included in the delivery. The front pocket is rounded off by two further rows of rubber loops in the lid.

Paxig down to the last detail

And otherwise? The Oxy-Compact L naturally convinces with the classic PAX advantages. These include reflective stripes, the robust, smooth-running zippers and our proven PAX-plan from which the bag is made. It is therefore very easy to clean and disinfect.
Accessories sold separately


33,5 cm
56 cm
30,5 cm
PAX Oxy Compact L - 2019
2.50 lbs
57,2 l

Made to use

This product is designed for daily use


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The PAX-Tec material is a mixture of polyester fibers which are extremely resistant against mechanic impulses and polyurethane which is responsible for the smoothness of the fabric. In addition to that it is free of Latex and PVC.

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