PAX Trennstege Wasserkuppe L - 2019 Frabe grau

PAX Wasserkuppe Divider Set

PAX Wasserkuppe Divider Set


With these dividers you can divide up your Wasserkuppe Backpack into easily visible compartments. The dividers are variable.

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  • PAX dividers Wasserkuppe L - 2019 colour grey
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PAX Wasserkuppe Divider Set to divide Emergency Backpacks

Lots of compartments for your Wasserkuppe

Equip your Wasserkuppe with practical compartments. Simply attach these dividers into the body of the backpack. You can use the divider system instead of the elastic loops in the body frame of the backpack, or as well as. The divider system is suitable for electrical devices.

Good combination: Dividers and Inside Bags

As you know, we like to keep all possibilities open. Therefore, you can position the dividers freely and you do not need to use all of them. If you want, you can use dividers and inside bags together in your Wasserkuppe. The long pieces can be attached independently from the short pieces in the body of the backpack. The short pieces attach to the velcro strip on the side walls of the backpack. You determine the number of dividers and the height as required.


PAX Wasserkuppe Divider Set
1.20 lbs

Made to use

This product is designed for daily use


Made to be special

especially appropriated to use by rapid response groups


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